The Cohort

This program was attended by a group of six excellent highly motivated teachers from all over the country. The participants included:

  • John Makous, NC
  • Howard Chun, RI
  • Tad Herman, NY
  • John Clarke, FL
  • Robert Baker, CA
  • Michael Stover, WV

The 2019 Summer

The culmination of three cumulative years of efforts by teachers. This page is curated by teachers, a website dedicated to lessons and exercises:

Classroom Radio Astronomy

To access all the technical content used during this program, including labs, astronomy lectures, resources, etc., go to the project webpage by clicking the button below:

DSPiRA Course Webpage

⏦Contact Us⏦

If you're an enthusiastic student, whether graduate or undergraduate, eager to dive into exciting scientific endeavors, don't hesitate to reach out. Send an email to us and let's explore some hands-on science together!

Our Lab is located at the Advanced Engineering Research Building (AERB) in Room 304 on the WVU Evansdale Campus.