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Setting Up a 2 Horn Interferometer

Details of setting up 2 horns for doing interferometry

PlutoSDR software Installation

Steps for installing the PlutoSDR software on your computer

Other Horn Designs

Links to building other horn designs

Build a Simple Spectrometer

Introductory GNURadio lessons are presented along with steps for building a simple spectrometer

Raspberry Pi

Details for setting up Raspberry Pi for Radio Astronomy

Installing gr-radio_astro

Details for installing gr-radio_astro

Installing Ubuntu

Details for partitioning and installing Ubuntu OS

Installing GNURadio 3.8

Details for installing GNURadio 3.8

WISRD update

Update from November's activities, new graphs

Download and Install WVURAIL Radio Astronomy OS for Raspberry Pi

Step by Step instructions for downloading and installing Radio Astronomy Operating System for Raspberry Pis.