Telescope Software Setup

Overview Software Needed For the Horn Telescope

  • The horn telescope uses software defined radio (SDR) for collecting and processing the radio signals collected.

  • An SDR device (dongle) is needed for this system. See the SDR Options page.

  • The “back end” of the telescope is a spectrometer program that runs on the free, open-source software GNURadio. Options for acquiring this program are provided below.

  • The spectrometer program built and developed by DSPIRA is called spectrometer_w_cal.grc. Instructions for installing this program are also provided here.

  • Another option is to build a simple spectrometer program in GNURadio. Instructions for doing this are provided here too. Lessons on how to use GNURadio are provided. This is followed by basic lessons in digital signal processing (DSP) that introduce the processes used in the spectrometer. Then the steps on how to build a simple Spectrometer in GNURadio are provided.

Warning-Novice Computer Users - Does UBUNTU or Command Line Interface sound new to you? You may wish to read the following intro to the UBUNTU environment. What is UBUNTU? before you start downloading and setting up software.

Acquire Necessary Software:

  • Installation on a Bootable Flashdrive - This is the DSPIRA-preferred method to have all the needed softwware for operating the horn telescope. By having simple 32G flashdrives that can be put in any Windows based computer, the user doesn’t need to have dedicated PCs to run the software. All of the software needed to operate the telescope are loaded onto a bootable flashdrive, including the operating system Ubuntu, GNURadio and the spectrometer_w_cal.grc program.

  • Installation of Ubuntu and SDR software on a Windows-based computer - Includes steps for installing the linux Ubuntu OS on a computer, loading GNURadio, and installing the spectrometer_w_cal.grc program. APPLE COMPUTERS - DSPIRA has had no success with running GNURadio on Apple computers, so we have no support material here for Apple products.

Build a Simple Spectrometer in GNURadio:

  • Simple Spectrometer - Includes an introduction to GNURadio with some basic lessons in DSP, and steps on how to build a simple spectrometer in GNURadio.

All the lessons for Telescope Software Setup are listed below:


Build a Simple Spectrometer

Introductory GNURadio lessons are presented along with steps for building a simple spectrometer

Raspberry Pi

Details for setting up Raspberry Pi for Radio Astronomy

Installing Ubuntu

Details for partitioning and installing Ubuntu OS