New Post

These are instructions and a simple template to start creating a new post!

Syntax hints for post formatting

All post files must begin with front matter which is typically used to set a layout or other meta data. For a simple example this can just be empty:

layout:     post
date:       2020-07-09 21:21:29
title:      Title of your Lesson
summary:    Summary of your Lesson
tags: ['School-Teachers', 'Students', 'Hobbyists' ]
categories: ['Lessson Category']
  • Make sure you do not have special characters like : in your title and/or summary quote any special characters, such as : like title: "my awesome site: an adventure".
  • Every post can have one tag or multiple tags. It will automatically split a string entry if it contains whitespace. The website software Jekyll expects multiple items mapped to the key tags For example, while front matter tag: classic hollywood will be processed into a singular entity "classic hollywood", front matter tags: classic hollywood will be processed into an array of entries ["classic", "hollywood"].
  • categories or category work the same way as tags.

  • After the front matter make your lesson post formatting it in markdown refer to this cheat sheet

  • Add buttons to link to a pdf of your document using this syntax
[Google]({: .button}

In Google Drive:

  • open document
  • click share button (upper right corner)
  • in dialogue box, change the get link attribute to Anyone with link with viewer priveleges. see screenshot below

screen shot of changing permissions of google document


  • To add a Google doc lesson:
    [Name of your lesson](https://link/to/your/document/dotcom){: .button}
  • Add YouTube link: Add an embedded window of the youtube video to the page by simply paste the youtube link on the markdown page on its own. Please add a couple of lines describing the contents of the video at minimum.

The above video is a video of Kermit the frog singing the rainbow connention
Addding images to the posts

To add images to your post first upload your image to github by going to the link below upload and commit an image to the the images directory:

Upload image

Then add the following to the post you are editing


View the live webpage:

Edit your post in the text area below


Filename to Save As:    .md
Upload your saved file to the website by uploading and commiting on   Upload to Website