Principal Investigator

Kevin Bandura

Kevin M. Bandura, Ph.D.

Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering,
Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy

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Dr. Bandura's research interests lie in uncovering the mysteries of the universe, with a particular focus on gaining a deeper understanding of Dark Energy, which is the term used to describe the force behind the accelerated expansion of our cosmos. This pursuit has driven him to concentrate on constructing wide-field survey Radio Astronomy instruments, like CHIME, to enhance our comprehension of the universe.

Graduate Research Assistants

Kalyani B. Bhopi

Kalyani B. Bhopi

Ph.D. Student

Research focus on digital calibration.

Dylan J. Gormley

Dylan J. Gormley

Ph.D. Student

Research focus on RFI mitigation.

Kholoud S. Khairy

M.S. Student

Research focus on the analog signal processing chain.

John W. C. Metzger

M.S. Student

Research focus on antenna characterization.

Student Workers

Hans D. Ingvoldstad

Project focus on FPGA development.

David Wilkinson

Summer 2024 NSF REU participant.


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Our Lab is located at the Advanced Engineering Research Building (AERB) in Room 304 on the WVU Evansdale Campus.