Digital Signal Processing in Radio Astronomy

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Lab Modules

  1. Introduction to GNU Radio & Signals

    This lab is a guided tutorial on GNU Radio including an installation guide. The guided exercises involve development of waveform generation and manipulating graphic user interfaces. A short exploration of random Signals and Sampling

  2. First steps with SDR Hardware

    This lab involves working with hardware i.e. the SDR dongle. We shall build a simple FM radio

  3. Introduction to Fourier Analysis

    This is an introductory exercise in Fourier Analysis by way of Harmonic Analysis using Fourier Series.

  4. Filters

    To implement filters. We shall make a an “equalizer” for the demodulated FM audio using the filters. Extract fundamental frequencies from a piano chord. Build a guitar tuner.

  5. Fourier Analysis – Expert Mode!

    Revisit Fourier Transform, FT properties, IQ sampling, Optionally, Implement a simple N-point Fast Fourier Transform. Use the gnuradio FFT block and filters from the previous exercise to build a spectrometer. Intruduction to Polyphase filterbanks as an added upgrade to the spectrometer.

  6. A Radio Telescope
    1. Build an Antenna
    2. Assemble Low Noise Amplifier
    3. Inegration of Antenna to SDR dongle to GNU Radio companion.
  7. Observations
    1. Making measurements
    2. Caliberating
    3. Mapping the neutral hydrogen
    4. Rotation Curve of the Milky Way