Telescope Operation

Overview of Telescope Operation

  • Steps for setting up the horn telescope and information on running the spectrometer program are provided here.

  • This telescope can be operated in any environment - rural or city - as long as there is open sky to view.

  • Radio telescopes detect radio waves any time of day, rain or shine. Enjoy!

Setting Up the Telescope - Instructions on how to set up the telescope are provided here.

Running the spectrometer_w_cal.grc Program - Detailed instructions on running the DSPIRA spectrometer program.

Running a Simple Spectrometer Program - Instructions on building and collecting data using the simple spectrometer program are provided here.

Setting Up a 2-Horn Interferometer and Running the Spectrometer Program - A pdf that provides instructions on setting up a 2-horn interferometer and using either a spectrometer program for an adding interferometer or a spectrometer program for a multiplying interferometer.

All the lessons for Telescope Operation are listed below:


Horn Operation Tutorials

Documents and videos explaining the operation of the horn telescope